Theater Centre for the performing Arts Jiangsu
AR 5.jpgTheater Centre for the performing Arts Jia
Theater Centre for the performing Arts Jiangsu
Theater Centre for the performing Arts Jiangsu
Theater Centre for the performing Arts Jiangsu
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   Jiangsu Grand Theater covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, with a total building area of 270,000 square meters. It includes opera hall, theatre hall, concert hall and great variety hall, as well as multi-function hall and ancillary facilities to satisfy opera. Dance drama, drama, opera, symphony, quyi and large-scale variety performance function needs, has the reception world first-class artistic performance group performance condition and the ability; It's also a place of public cultural activity. Http: r. R. Project profile: As the biggest cultural project in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Grand Theater is regarded as "the exhibition platform of world-class art works, the exchange platform of international art activities and the promotion platform of public welfare art education". Design features: In the ancient capital of Hexi Riverside New Town in Nanjing, four "water droplets" like buildings perched poetically on the platform of "lotus leaf", forming a group of soft and magnificent modern art buildings.            

  The design concept of "lotus leaf water drop" coincides with the regional characteristics of Nanjing "landscape city forest". Overlooking it from the air, it is like a water drop floating on the ecological green field, which contains the cultural implication of the south of the Yangtze River with water rhyme. It also shows the inclusive mind of the confluence of rivers. The four "water droplets" are the four main functional areas of the Grand Theater, including the Opera House, the Theatre, the Concert Hall, the Variety Hall, the Multi-function Hall, etc.

  The architectural acoustics requirements are fully considered in the hall. The construction unit conducted a simulation experiment in Southeast University, respectively, to test the low and high frequency sound insulation performance of different materials, and then according to the results of the experiment to customize the material in the market, the if reverberation in the space field is 1.6 seconds. The facilities are sufficient to meet the demand for the world's top plays. Multi-function hall, with 375 seats, mainly experimental stage performance art. Facade and ceiling ceiling materials selected metal decorative net, not only the material of acoustical requirements. And the effect also satisfies the design idea. The large and small petal shape of the facade inlay, the shape of the petals of different shapes echo with the "lotus leaf drop" shape, and the regional characteristics of Nanjing "landscape city forest" coincide with each other.

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